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We have e readers in the house but I can’t give up my good old fashioned books, I like to feel a book, there is more enjoyment in reading a proper book than an e reader in my opinion and I insist that G doesn’t have an e reader for a long time yet. At 3 years old I prefer to limit his technology time and can’t bring myself to take his reading experience to the technology level.

One of our favourite shops as a family has always been The Works, we love to go in store for a walk around and we never come out empty handed! There is always something in there for everyone and they have fantastic cheap books too which makes it all the more tempting!

I am even more excited to find that I can shop online now too, so on an evening with a nice hot drink I can relax in front of the laptop and find more fantastic books to buy. After a relaxing online browse this weekend I have a new wish list for the three of us.



G loves reading, I have read to him since he was born and he adores books. Sadly the talking still isn’t coming along so he can’t really tell me what he would like on his wish list, but I can easily work it out based on what he likes and the books that he already has, so here we go!


Pirates Love Underpants

We already have Aliens Love Underpants and Dinosaurs Love Underpants so it is a given that G would love Pirates Love Underpants. The Underpants books are fantastic, they are illustrated brilliantly and the bright and vibrant colours are great, which is mainly why G loves them! This book is £1.99, perfect to buy your little one when they reach a goal on their reward chart. 

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


Mr Men and Little Miss Box Set Collection

I’ve never been one to force gender restrictions on G; I tend to follow his lead on his personal tastes. He loves the colour pink, he has a toy buggy and a doll; a toy kitchen, vac, etc. He loves baking and helping me to clean around the house. He also loves cars, building, repairing things, DIY, etc. We already have a lot of jigsaws, mainly Little Miss and a growing collection of the Mr Men DVD’s so these two box sets would be perfect for him. I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers having these books as a child; they are a must for every child. At £53.99 for both box sets this is an absolute bargain and needs to be snapped up quickly!

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


Disney Frozen 2 Book Bundle

G’s two favourite things are books and jigsaws so this set is perfect for him. G has also joined most of the world in the Frozen fever; however we are a little late to the party! The set contains a story book of the film and a puzzle book with five puzzles inside. A bargain at £6.99.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


All Aboard The Ninky Nonk ~ In the Night Garden

G adores Iggle Piggle and would love to add this book to his In the Night Garden collection. At £4.99 it is excellent value and to top it off is a story about the Ninky Nonk train, another of his favourites from the TV show!

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


Tiny Tots Learning Children’s Set

This set would be perfect for G as it could help with his speech whilst teaching him the alphabet and how to count. He will count to three, but that is as far as he can manage. He may be able to count more for all we know but he can only say “one, two, and three” so far. This set is a bargain at £4.99 and perfect for preschoolers.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk



Well we all know that I am slightly food obsessed so of course my wish list contains food and recipe books, they are my addiction after all!


Top 100 Pasta Dishes ~ Annabel Karmel

G is growing to love pasta, slowly. I am relieved as I very much love pasta and like to cook it a few times a week at the very least. I love Annabel Karmel’s books, we have a few already, and this would be a perfect addition to my collection and hopefully encourage G to eat more pasta! The book is only £2 at The Works, a wonderful bargain.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


The Clear Skin Cook Book ~ Dale Pinnock

This book explains how foods affect the skin and what to eat to improve the quality of our skin. It includes some fantastic recipes too and is priced at only £3.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


Recipes From The Bakers Kitchen ~ Love Food

A very cute collection of three books filled with recipes for cupcakes, cakes and macaroons. At £1.50 you can’t go wrong with a little collection like this.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


The Body Book ~ Cameron Diaz

This book has spiked an interest in me as I am trying to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle, well, I am trying to! I’m trying to find a more relaxed approach to help me lose weight too, without resorting to diet plans where I fall into a frenzy of counting and weighing. £3.99 for this book is a fantastic bargain too.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk

Is It Just Me? ~ Miranda Hart

Finally, I love a good funny book to make me laugh and I can’t wait to read this one, I love Miranda Hart, she is one of my favourite comedians. At £3 this is the perfect bargain too for a good giggle.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk



I asked S to pick five books for his wish list and this is what we have:


KP ~ The Autobiography

S loves to read autobiographies of sports people and would really enjoy this one. At 12.99 it is great value and would make a great gift for Father’s Day which will be here before we know it!

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


Fork Handles ~ The Very Best Of Ronnie Barker ~ Volume 1

S loved a good comedy book as much as me and has picked this one to be on his wish list, at £7.99 this book is great value and another great gift idea for Father’s Day.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


Marvel Comics ~ 75 Years of Cover Art

A special book to celebrate Marvel’s 75 year history, this is filled with their greatest cover art to date. I’m sure there are a lot of grown up boys men out there that would love to get their hands on a copy of this! At £29.99 it is a great gift idea too.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


How Did All This Happen ~ John Bishop

Another great comedian and an interesting book about how John fell into his comedy career. This is a bargain at the price of £4.99!

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


John F Kennedy ~ Robert Dallek

A biography revealing the life of John F Kennedy and changing the way we think about his life. A great read and great value at £16.99, this is one not to be missed.

Image from www.theworks.co.uk


What do you like to read? Do you still like to have a proper book in your hand or are you an e reader convert?



Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post. All opinions and thoughts were independently formed by members of the Mummy Whiskers household and me.





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