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When it comes to cars I have always lived by one golden rule; as Big Brother taught me, never ever buy a car that you can’t afford, always pay cash for a car. As for buying cars I have always had help from Big Brother in this area and I’ve never been to a second hand car dealership before. I have heard a lot about them as my first boyfriend was a second hand car sales man (not the stereotype though, he was one of the good guys) but I did hear some stories!

So when I went to visit the Car People in Wakefield yesterday as a mystery shopper I was fully prepared to defend myself against pushy sales people. Although my shed car is on its last legs I was going with the mindset that I was just looking at the range of cars available to get an idea of what I would like next when I am ready to buy a new, well new to me car. I took my mum and G with me, as it was mid week Big Brother was away with work.

Finding the Car People was really easy, I put the street address in my sat nav instead of the postcode and we made it there without any wrong turns! My joy was extended when we turned into the car park to find a family parking area. This is a huge plus point for me.


Outside there is a map showing where all the different types of cars are, it really helps that the family cars are all in one place. We walked around the family cars section first and found there was a big range of makes and models available. This gave me a chance to take a look at some cars I would never have thought of like the Peugeot 308. I was very grateful that the staff left us alone but at the same time there were a lot of them around so you could easily get help if you needed it.

We moved on to the larger family cars and that’s when we found it, a Mercedes A150, and instantly fell in love. The boot space is so big I could fit my iCandy Peach in there twice and some shopping! I said to my mum that we should ask if we could look inside the car when a member of staff near-by heard us and offered to get the keys. Richard, the salesman was very friendly and helpful, not at all pushy. He stood back and let us freely look around the car, answering any questions we had but not imposing his opinion at all.

He offered to look at my car and work out a part exchange price, so we headed inside to wait. There was a play area for the kids so G was happy in there and my mum and I sat and waited. I have to confess I wasn’t too happy with what they offered for my shed car but it was what I expected. We didn’t take things any further yesterday as we didn’t have Big brother with us and changing cars is a huge decision for me so not something I could do without a lot of thought.


Richard was great though and very helpful, we really appreciated the hands off approach of the staff, it was really nice to be able to browse the cars and I was impressed with the wide selection they had available.

The three things that I have learnt from my experience at The Car People are:

  • I am in love with the Mercedes A150 and I’m now car broody.
  • Car dealerships can be family friendly.
  • Shopping for a car can be a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Have you visited the Car People before? Have you bought a car from them?


Disclaimer: I have been compensated by a third party for this post. I have full editorial control and all opinions are formed by members of the Mummy Whiskers family.

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