Six Ways to Accessorise Your Car on a Budget

I finally took the huge step of replacing Macca in September for a more reliable car to travel to university. This was a huge step for me emotionally as we all know how attached I become to my cars. I also buy pre-loved cars, and with Parky it was love at first sight. I like to make them feel like mine and a part of the family as soon as possible and personalising your pre-loved car is a great way of truly making it feel like yours. However, some adaptations to your vehicle can lead to an increase in your insurance costs, and can also require a lot of money in parts and products too. So, how can you accessorise your car on a budget? Here are six ideas to get you started…


No.1 Pop on some new wheels

A new set of alloy wheels have transformative power, taking your car from drab to fab.
Alloy wheels can help to improve your car’s handling, and are also stronger than conventional steel wheels which means the wheels will flex less around corners (and therefore make the car easier to drive). However, they’re more prone to cracking when you hit potholes than conventional ones, so do your research first and make sure alloys are right for you!


No.2 Install a better stereo system
We spend an average of 4.3 years of our lives in the car, which means it’s well worth factoring in your entertainment options. If you enjoy listening to a music playlist, podcast or audio book, consider replacing your speakers or wiring up a sound system to the boot of your vehicle. Just be sure to keep the volume at a sensible level so you can hear other traffic, emergency sirens and your own engine.

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No.3 Update the upholstery
If your car seats and mats are looking a little tired, it might be worth updating the soft furnishings! Replacement mats and seat covers are available from sites such as Amazon and eBay for very little cost, and if your whole seat needs replacing, you can have the entire seat reupholstered at a reasonable price. Or, you can have a go at doing it yourself if you really want to save some money!


No.4 Add must-have accessories

As well as kitting out your car for road trips, commutes and buzzing around town, have you considered the times when you’ll use your vehicle for holidays and hobbies? Investing in accessories like Ford Kuga roof bars will help you to get your must-have bits of kit to wherever you’re going, meaning you can pack your skis, snowboard or surfboard without filling up the boot or blocking your rear view.

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No.5 Freshen up the scent

A clean interior will make you feel like you’re driving a brand new car, so jazz things up with a decent air freshener. Whether you like sweet scents, citrus or something else altogether, introducing a new smell will make you feel like your car is more personal to you. If you like something discreet, check out a vent clip like this one – it can be refilled whenever you like and won’t look out of place in your car’s interior.


No.6 Go quirky!
If you have bold and brilliant taste and are confident in your decorative abilities, why not opt for some quirky accessories? Adhesive headlamp eye lashes will make your car stand out in a car park, as will car stickers or custom paint work!


Do you have any ideas to share?



Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.


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