Six Presents for Gadget Obsessed Dads

Are you scouring the internet for the perfect present at the moment? Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, or an occasion like Father’s Day, you’re in luck: 2016 Tech Shows have unveiled a plethora of awesome presents for gadget obsessed dads. Here are six of the most exciting, most useful and most futuristic gifts for your old man…


No.1 Apple watch
Is your dad a die hard Apple fan? If so, an Apple watch is precisely the kind of gift he’d love. It’s a handy (wait, make that ‘wristy’…) device for improving his fitness, tracking his movement and getting him off the sofa. It’s also a fantastic piece of technology to help him become more organised and time rich, eliminating some of the unnecessary emailing, texting and browsing we normally do on our smartphones. And, best of all, the Apple watch is less anti-social than his smartphone, which means he’ll better integrate technology into his normal day.

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No.2 Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Rift has commanded more attention than any other virtual reality headset, and with good reason. Give your dad this gift, and he’ll enjoy a headset that’s laden with sensors, integrated headphones and a display for each eye. It’s capable of providing him with some amazing virtual reality worlds and experiences, transporting your gadget-obsessed dad into a world of his own!


No.3 Photography equipment
Is your dad passionate about photography? Whether it’s a hobby or something he’d seriously consider making a living out of, he’s bound to be grateful for a Nikon D5. This professional camera is new to the market and offers the highest light sensitivity to date – ever. That means your dad can photograph things moving quickly in dim light, yet still capture phenomenal photographs. Your dad can pick up photography tips and tricks in specialist magazines, so consider throwing in a subscription (one of the best magazine gift ideas for men) while you’re at it. 

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No.4 Onagofly Nano Drone

Whose dad doesn’t want a flying robot? We recommend checking out the Onagofly Nano Drone: it’s a quadcopter small enough to fit in his hand and offers HD video, Wi-Fi, ‘follow me’ mode and obstacle avoidance (so it won’t end up in pieces). Your dad can control this drone from his smartphone up to a distance of 20 metres, and can even lock to the signal of his smartphone to follow him at a predetermined height when he’s walking, skiing, running or whatever else he wants to use his drone for! Best of all, this drone shoots video, meaning if your dad’s a budding photographer or videographer, he’ll score himself some stunning aerial views.


No.5 Sensorwake

Fancy getting your dad the world’s first olfactory alarm clock? This clever little gadget wakes him gently by diffusing a scent of his choice. Right now, your dad can rise to the delicious smell of croissants, chocolate or espresso, or natural smells such as the seaside, a lush jungle or peppermint. As CNBC observe – “It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, literally”.

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No.6 Prizm
If your dad’s the kind of chap you usually find blasting out his music throughout the house, why not knock his socks off with what’s being dubbed as the world’s first thinking music player? Prizm is a device that can be plucked into any speaker, considers who is in the room (and what their music preference is) and decides what to play for you. This ingenious gadget works by capturing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from smartphones and fitness trackers. It then detects users in the room and uses its algorithm to find the most suitable songs to play to suit everyone’s tastes. Clever!




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