Trick or Treat!

Welcome to the Trick or Treat page, a page filled with recipes and food ideas for the Halloween season to treat those delightful little terrors that appear at your door filled with expectation for delicious treats. Here you will also find lots of delicious, tasty treats for all of the family to enjoy, ideas and creations for Halloween parties and much more.

Although I am a stay at home mum I still find my time to be limited so always try to create recipes and food ideas that are as quick and easy to make as possible, then you have more time to enjoy eating, or sharing!

Halloween is followed very shortly by Bonfire night so it always reminds me of parkin, toffee, toffee apples and candy. You will find most of my recipes here inspired by those familiar flavours.

I have to confess I have never tried pumpkin before; I normally throw away the insides when I carve out a pumpkin. I am however planning to try pumpkin eventually and will share any recipes I manage to successfully create so watch this space, it make take a while though, I’m still not convinced that pumpkins are edible tasty.

I hope you enjoy looking through these Halloween recipes and please feel free to contact me to share any alternative methods or ingredients that you use. I love hearing from you about your own ideas and variants for recipes! Please take a moment to leave a review on any of my recipe cards or to share your thoughts in a comment on one of my recipe posts.

Most importantly enjoy reading through my recipes, have fun creating them and eating the end results too!


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