Sweet Treats

Welcome to the sweet treats page, my favourite page of course which is the home of the musings of my insanely sweet tooth. Chocolate is my first love, there will therefore be a lot of chocolaty goodness shared in this space. You will also find lots of delicious, not so healthy and probably rather fattening recipes for all the family to enjoy that are easy to make and eat! That’s if you’re willing to share of course…

I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth and chocolate is my ultimate weakness, so you will probably find more on this page than any of the others. I will however try to include some healthy desserts at some point when I get my weight loss mojo back into gear.

Although I am a stay at home mum I still find my time to be limited so always try to create recipes and meal ideas that are as quick and easy to make as possible, then you have more time to enjoy eating of course!

I hope you enjoy looking through these sweet treats recipes and please feel free to contact me to share any alternative methods or ingredients that you use. I love hearing from you about your own ideas and variants for recipes! Please take a moment to leave a review on any of my recipe cards or share your thoughts by leaving a comment on a recipe post.

Most importantly enjoy reading through my recipes, have fun trying them out and eating the end results too, that is always the important part of course.


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