Meat Free Mondays

Welcome to the Meat Free Mondays page, the third page in my new recipe collection! I’m sure the list will grow over time and more and more pages will be added.

Here you will find lots of delicious, tasty meals for all the family to enjoy that are meat free to celebrate Meat Free Mondays.

Although I am a stay at home mum I still find my time to be limited so always try to create recipes and meal ideas that are as quick and easy to make as possible, then you have more time to enjoy eating!

Meat Free Monday is a cause lead by the McCartney family to encourage people to eat less meat. You can sign up and pledge to be meat free on Mondays on their website. You will also find lots of information about their work and some recipe ideas on their website too.

I am already a vegetarian (apart from one slip up during the summer) but S and G take part by eating veggie with me on Mondays, so does anyone else who turns up for food at our house on a Monday!

I hope you enjoy looking through these Meat Free Monday recipes and please feel free to contact me to share any alternative methods or ingredients that you use. I love hearing from you about your own ideas and variants for recipes!

Most importantly enjoy reading through my recipes, and eating the end results too!

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