Christmas Recipes and Foods

Welcome to the Christmas Recipes and Foods page, filled with festive delights! I love Christmas, seriously who doesn’t apart from Scrooge? If you are the sort of person that loves to feed people then Christmas will be your favourite time of the year, it’s when people’s appetites are at their highest! Christmas starts for me on 1st December and goes right through to January, making the most of every opportunity to enjoy festive foods and drinks, my favourites involving chocolate, as always.

Here you will find lots of delicious Christmas recipes and Christmas food ideas for all of the family. I will be including meal ideas for Christmas dinner, sweet treats that could be made for the family, to be given as gifts or the put out for guests.

I will try to make the recipes as healthy as possible, but that isn’t always easy at Christmas. Although I am a stay at home mum I still find my time to be limited so I always try to create recipes and meal ideas that are as quick and easy to make as possible, then you have more time to enjoy eating them, which is what it is all about anyway.

I hope you enjoy looking through these Christmas food recipes and ideas, please feel free to contact me to share any alternative methods or ingredients that you use. I love hearing from you about your own ideas and variants for recipes! Please take a moment to leave a review on any of my recipe cards or to share your thoughts by leaving a comment on any of my recipe posts.

Most importantly enjoy reading through my recipes, have fun creating them and eating the end results too!


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