Nine ways to brighten your home this year

Spring is fast approaching, which means many of us are beginning to look at our homes a little differently. We’re bored of cocooning ourselves in dark, drab little caves while winter whistles outside… instead we’re looking forward to throwing open the windows to embrace sunny mornings! If you feel like bringing spring into your abode, here are nine ways to brighten your home this year:


No.1 Add some leafy indoor plants

Plants can freshen up your indoor space. Pay a visit to somewhere like Ashridge Nurseries and pick some flowers and greenery. Whether you’re growing them in the garden first or just starting with a window sill herb collection, you’ll literally breathe fresh air and life in to your home!


No.2 Paint the walls white

Darker colours absorb light, whereas lighter colours reflect it around the room. So if you really want to brighten up your home, redecorate using white paint. However, give some thought to what ‘tone’ of white paint you use (and yes, there’s more to it than just picking ‘white’). Homes in colder climates should avoid brilliant white as the sky can give white walls a purplish-blue tinge, whereas warmer climates can get away with cool tones.

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No.3 Add pops of colour
A bunch of daffodils will add a splash of sunshine yellow, and bright cushions and lampshades will add a sense of personality and interest to an otherwise gloomy interior.


No.4 Hang mirrors
Whilst being decorative and practical, mirrors have a third handy use: brightening up a room! Hang mirrors opposite windows to bounce the light around. This principle applies to any shiny surface: use chandeliers, brass lighting, silver photo frames and shiny metal materials to maximise the light available.


No.5 Take a wall down

If you have a large enough budget, why not consider removing some interior walls? You can remove walls to create an open-plan living space which will help you to let in more light.


No.6 Trim back the garden

Check you don’t have hedges and trees obstructing light or preventing it from filtering through your windows…a day spent pruning back the greenery could really brighten things up!

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No.7 Paint your dark furniture in lighter colours

Just as dark walls absorb light, so do dark pieces of furniture. Paint them in shades of white, cream and greys to stop them looking too stark. If you have dark floorboards, consider investing in a white rug to brighten up the space.


No.8 Buy light bedding
Your bed linen has a huge impact on the brightness of your space, and whilst your bedroom ought to be a cosy, relaxing place to unwind, it doesn’t have to be gloomy. Opt for natural, light colours and patterns with simple details like this set from the White Company.

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No.9 Use frosted glass

If you have rooms in your home which need portioning for privacy (such as bathrooms), fill the doors with frosted glass so that light can travel between the two areas.



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