How to make your proposal even more personal

A wedding proposal is one of the most nerve racking but exciting moments in any man’s life, and of course it’s a personal, special moment between you and the person you love, but there are ways to make such a momentous occasion even more memorable. Here are some simple ways to make the proposal even more personal:


Choose a location that’s special to both of you

This could be where you first met, where you had your first date or a special place you’ve visited together and remember fondly. Asking them to marry you will be made all the more special when they realise where you’ve taken them and the significance of the location. 


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Propose on a special day

Getting down on one knee on a special day for your partner will make the moment even more personal, their birthday or Christmas are good examples or even your anniversary to make it even more precious for the both of you.


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Involve their friends and family

If your partner is close with their family, have them involved with the proposal; this guy hits the nail on the head with a sneaky proposal spelt out by the family in a picture and then gets down on one knee as well afterwards to seal the deal. Having everyone there who is most important to your partner in their lives will make your proposal even more personal and special.

You could also plan to propose privately and organise a surprise get together with their family and friends to celebrate them saying yes afterwards. They will enjoy that special moment with just the two of you and the chance to show off their ring and their happiness with their loved ones straight away after.  


Personalise the ring

It’s never been easier these days to create your own engagement ring and you can put something together that will hold a strong meaning for your partner. Perhaps include a stone from a broken piece of jewellery from a relative who is no longer with them or feature their birthstone to ensure their engagement ring is personal and special.


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Hire a secret photographer

Have someone snapping pictures of the moment in secret, say if you’re proposing while out on a walk or in a public place. Don’t let your fiancé-to-be know about it but give them a picture of the two of you in that special moment as a surprise gift on the morning of the wedding.


But before you get down on one knee it’s important you do some research beforehand to find out what sort of proposal your partner will react best to. Some people don’t like being the centre of attention, so a public proposal won’t go down well, you can find this out by speaking to her friends and family or subtly talking about someone else’s proposal and seeing how they react. You don’t want to fall at the first hurdle!

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