Five easy ways to add value to your home

When we think of adding value to our home the first thing that often comes to mind is building an extension. Making your house bigger and adding perhaps an extra bedroom, bathroom or study has got to up the asking price, hasn’t it?  

However, this also comes at a price to you – besides the cost there is also the weeks of mess and disruption that comes with it.

So, you will be pleased to hear that there are several quick, cheap and easy ways you can add value to your home and make it a more enjoyable place to live at the same time.   


No.1 The Garden

When looking at ways to add value to your home it is important to not just think about the house itself, because the garden is actually the second most popular way to add value to your home, with an 88% return on your investment.

The front garden is the first impression that a potential buyer will get of your home and therefore gives the impression of the whole house.

Start by tidying it up and clearing the rubbish because a well looked after garden will give your home a welcoming and modern feel. If you fancy a full makeover you might want to call in the professionals, but there is plenty you can do yourself – perhaps some easy fill hanging baskets to start, which will really brighten your outdoor space.   


No.2 Paint the house and fix up the roof

Along with the garden, the exterior of your home gives its first impression.
You want it to look as spick and span as possible – clean dirty windows, clear the driveway and unblock gutters.

Once that is done give it a lick of paint and fix-up the roof – ensuring it is insulated and in good condition.

The investment could see a 75% return, while any issues could push the asking price down.


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No.3 A loft conversion

What do you use your loft for at the moment? It is probably a place you store the old toys, Christmas decorations and the other things you don’t know what to do with, but don’t want to get rid of. So, why not clear it out and use that space to add value to your home?

A loft conversion can add around 20% to the value of your home as well as providing extra space – perhaps a bedroom, playroom, or office – whatever you wish. Plus, many don’t need planning permission.


No.4 Add a conservatory 

While an extension needs planning permission, in most cases a conservatory doesn’t! And, an extension could also result in two many bedrooms (honestly, after five there is hardly any substantial difference in price) whilst a conservatory brings the garden indoors. Although you will need to give up some of your garden space, it will add valuable space and light to your home.

A conservatory is the most popular way to add value to your home, offering 108% return on your investment.


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No.5 New kitchen

Kitchens are the most popular (30%) part of the home to renovate, even though they are lower down the list than the others in terms of return.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where many of us spend much of our time; cooking, eating dinner with family, drinking tea with friends. That is why, if you provide a ready-made, attractive space, you could receive up to 49% return on your investment.



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