Five DIY ways to decorate your home

According to The Express, a survey performed in 2013 revealed that house proud Brits spend £158,000 in a lifetime redecorating and refurbishing their homes. However, giving your home an overhaul doesn’t need to cost the earth. Even simple things like revamping an old unit or reorganising your bookshelves can make a huge difference. With this in mind, here are some simple ways to decorate your home with style, without spending a fortune…


Create photo and mirror collages

Photos will transform a redundant space into a purposeful one. Photo are even better when they’re displayed in a collage somewhere everyone can see, such as on the stairs or in the hallway. Use different types and shapes of frames to make the arrangement appear more interesting, and don’t just include photos… add prints, art, mirrors and anything else you fancy! A feature wall of small mirrors can look really effective, and doesn’t have to cost the earth when you shop with someone like Homecraft Craft Supplies.

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Use wallpaper (but not on the wall)

Wallpaper can be used in so many places around your home aside from on the wall itself! You can place it between steps on a wooden stairway, put it at the back of a glass cabinet, use it in frames to add colour to a plain room, or even brighten up a simple lampshade. The possibilities are endless! One of the best things about using wallpaper is you can often get away with using scraps, which makes it an excellent DIY home decoration.


Get creative with paint

The colour of your walls sets the atmosphere of a room and can really make a difference to the overall look and feel. Don’t just paint a room one colour, be creative with shades and tones. Paint your doors black but colour the trim white, or paint your bedroom skirting a completely different colour to the wall itself. Alternatively, you could create an ombré shade? Using two colours cleverly creates a subtle yet effective artfulness to a bedroom or living room.

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Upcycle furniture and old items

According to Endsleigh Insurance, British homeowners love a second hand bargain, with almost two-thirds (64%) raiding skips, searching through salvage yards and scanning online services for home furnishings and accessories. See what you can find at your local car boot sale and add your personal touch to it. Alternatively, make use of old items you already have within your home; give the dining table and chairs a fresh lick of paint, or change the fabric on an armchair to make it brand new!  

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Update boring bathroom and kitchen tiles

Revamping the kitchen or bathroom is often an expensive DIY project, but a basic retiling will help to transform the space while you save up for bigger changes. Why not add decorative decals between every other plain tile, or just create a border? This way, you won’t need to fork too much money by paying for too many intricate pieces. Adding mirrors is stylish, practical and creates the impression of more space, making your bathroom feel bigger.



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