My favourite room

It doesn’t matter where I live my favourite room in the home is always the kitchen, my kitchen. I know it sounds very stereotypical and sexist of me, but the kitchen is mine, it always will be, that’s how I want it, I don’t share my kitchen, no one cooks in my kitchen, no one!

The only cooking S is allowed to be involved in!
The only cooking S is allowed to be involved in!

My kitchen isn’t just about food and cooking, it’s my space, S doesn’t care what the kitchen looks like, what colour scheme we have going on or what type of appliances we have, he is happy to trust my judgement which suits me as I have ultimate control over the room and everything in it which makes the kitchen wholly and completely mine.

The busiest corner!
The busiest corner!

Growing up I have fond memories of my mum’s kitchen, she was always in there making something fantastic. As a child I always felt that the dining room was the heart of our home, where everyone would sit and eat together but when I look back now I realise it was the kitchen. My Mum would be in there every day cooking and baking, my Granddad by the sink washing up alongside, I would watch them for hours.

My Mum has a special book that belonged to my Nana, a book my Nana filled with her own recipes, every year my Mum and I use one particular recipe and make Christmas cakes together, it’s our special tradition to make “Nana’s Christmas cakes” every year.

If you want me to remember something add it to this wall...
If you want me to remember something add it to this wall…

Today though in my kitchen it is me cooking and baking, it’s me washing the dishes, although G likes to climb up on a chair and help out with the washing up or should I say playing with the water! Speaking of washing up I received a packet of Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets as part of the “My Kitchen Story” challenge. I think I may have misunderstood as when I read Fairy Platinum I assumed washing up liquid and I must be one of the only mothers left in the world that doesn’t own a dishwasher so I gave the tablets to my Mum’s friend who has a dishwasher and she loves them.

It’s a small kitchen, too small really but I love it all the same. I have a small dining table in there and we love to eat in there with the top half of the door open into the garden. I can spend hours in my kitchen reading, writing, drinking tea and watching the garden. My kitchen is such a warm, light, peaceful and happy room it’s my happy place to relax and gather my thoughts.

My space
My space

There is still so much I want to do with my kitchen to complete it, small changes and finishing touches, but there will always be changes to make because my kitchen is the heart of our family home and it grows with the rest of us.

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