Do you have the right teaching personality?

Do You Have the Right ‘Teaching’ Personality? Is teaching a career that you are considering?

In this post we will explore how the best teachers will have similar personality traits, skills and abilities that help them make a positive impact on their students. If you’re thinking of getting in the profession, you may need to display these qualities…



All teachers need to get excited about teaching. If you are not excited, how can you expect your students to be? If you are passionate about what you do this will rub off on your students and shine through in their results and attitude to lessons.



Teachers are busy people and are responsible for their students’ educational development, which means planning lessons, marking work, and attending meetings and professional development training.  To keep track of this is requires someone with excellent organisational abilities. The good news on this front is that a flair for organisation can be ‘learned’ if it’s not natural to you and tools such as Evernote can give you support to keep on top of it all.


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The best teachers can understand what makes their students tick and show empathy with the challenges they are facing in and out of the classroom. If you can put yourself in your students shoes you are far more likely to get them to engage with the lesson. Part of this can be relating the lessons to their interests and being sensitive to their needs, especially if they are teenagers. However, this article from Empathy in Education goes a step further explaining that: “Expressing care for another is not an innate ability present more naturally in some people than others, but rather a skill that can be taught and nurtured through a supportive educational environment.”


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Teaching is a stressful job and being able to take that in your stride and laugh is vital to dealing with this. There are quite a few opportunities for a chuckle in the world of education, believe it or not. Take a read though this ‘What Students Say About Their Teachers’ blog from EduStaff and you’ll no doubt raise a wry smile. 



When you are working late into the night or are struggling to get a tricky lesson through to your students it can be trying, which is why the number of teachers leaving the profession has risen by 11% over 3 years across both primary and secondary school teaching jobs. However, for those who can stick with it through the hard times, teaching is one of the most rewarding professions you can have. Don’t go into it expecting it to be easy and don’t let a setbacks get to you. Show perseverance to succeed.


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Delivering the same type of lesson over and over again is boring for you and your students. The teachers who are most popular with students and school leaders are those who can mix things up. Using your imagination to create new, interesting lesson plans and innovative activities will help you stand-out and help your students learning more. For more information on the importance of teaching creatively, and suggestions of how to do so, check out this blog.


Have you thought about becoming a teacher?



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