Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2014

Last month whilst on our holiday in Blackpool we visited the Pleasure Beach which is said to be the UK’s most ride-intensive park. I have to confess I haven’t set foot in the Pleasure Beach for many years, almost twenty, now that I’m showing myself up by admitting how old I am becoming, I shall move on back to talking about the park.

Everything about the Pleasure Beach has changed since my last visit, no longer can you aimlessly walk in; gone are the crowds of passers-by and spectators; no more long queues to get on the popular rides; and definitely no more tantrums from children because their parents won’t pay for another ride. The Pleasure Beach has become its own private destination of fun and adrenalin, catering for everyone from the big wuss (me) right through to the adrenalin junkie thrill seekers (S).

So we started our day at the ticket office, the staff are very friendly and professional, the ticket office is spacious and clean, yes I’m a stay at home mum so I notice these things! We were given the unlimited ride wristbands, it was like been on an all inclusive holiday where you eat and drink far more than you normally would because it’s “free”, come on now, we all do it!

Now, as I explained I am the wuss of this family, so my plan was to go on kiddie rides with G and S would try out the “big boy” rides whilst I watched G. So here is a list of most of the rides we tried and what we thought:

~ To start with S tried the Ice Blast, basically a ride that shoots you up 210 feet at a speed of 80 mph, a definite thrill that was for sure!

~ I took G on his first ride next, the Alice Ride, built in 1961 it’s one of the older rides which I love, and I love a bit of vintage so this ride was right up my street! It was a lot of fun, G loved it, and he was fascinated by all the decorations and features as we travelled through the ride. This one for sure was my favourite ride of the day.

~ Next was another ride for G, the Fairy World TAXI SPIN. This I was NOT prepared for. To be fair it doesn’t travel very fast, but it does lift up pretty high, OK well high for someone who doesn’t particularly like heights anyway. Oh and if you are accompanying a small child on this ride, be aware that there is a big red button right in front of you both which naturally attracts the curiosity of every child resulting in the taxi cab being flung up high and back down again with a thud as soon as your delightful child releases the button. If you are ok with heights, like most normal people, then you will enjoy going on this ride with your child, it is actually pretty cool.

~ The Backyardigans Pirate Treasure was next up for G, this time I convinced S to go on the ride with him whilst I recovered from the Fairy World TAXI SPIN. They found the perfect pirate ship to sit in and off the ride went, spinning really fast, they loved it. I was worried about G but he really really enjoyed this ride, he sure does take after his Daddy in that area! As the ride slowed down and we all thought it was over, there was a surprise in store, the ride started travelling in reverse, faster and faster much to S’s surprise. G loving it screams of delight whizzing past.

~ We reached G’s favourite ride in the park next, Dora’s World Voyage. This ride is a boat that runs through a lake visiting France, Russia, Tanzania and China. You will see Dora and some of her friends and if you listen you will learn how to say hello in each language as you travel through the destinations. It’s very relaxing and a lovely ride, G was fascinated and loved it so much he asked to go straight back on it again!

~ S took G on another ride, the Bikini Bottom Bus Tour. I have recently been introducing Sponge Bob Square Pants into G’s life; he loves it, especially his Build a Bear Patrick!

~ Back to the “big boy” rides, S went on the Avalanche, rather him that me. He loved it, he said it was pretty scary, in a good way and gave him a buzz!

~ That was it, he was on a roll then, also visiting the Revolution, an old ride that was built in 1979 but had a refurbishment in 2012. The ride speeds off doing a 360 degree loop and then the ride is launched backwards to the starting point again. The hardest part for S was climbing up the huge flight of starts to get to the ride, but that is only because he is lazy. (Don’t tell him I said that!)

~ The last ride that S went on was of course The Big One, it’s over a mile in length with speeds of up to 87 mph and the first drop is the worst according to S, he said it feels just like a vertical drop and the rush is amazing. This ride doesn’t go upside down so I was really tempted to go on it too, but not on my own and we didn’t have any babysitters with us so I passed this time, but I will definitely give it a try next time we are there.

~ So the final ride of the day was the Gallopers, I took G on this ride. I LOVE traditional carousel rides and always want to ride on them so I was probably more excited than G. I let him pick a horse for us and off we went. This traditional carousel has music playing from its own on board organ which I absolutely loved, I love the vintage features! G enjoyed the ride too, I was worried if he would hold on properly, but he did!

Upon leaving we walked through the gift shop which is filled with lots of tempting treats. We were met at the gates by some friendly security staff that needed to scan our wristbands before we could leave.

Although the Pleasure Beach is now enclosed you can leave and return on the same day as long as you keep your wristband on. Although to be honest there really is no need to leave as there are so many facilities in there and with the special offers they do on the all you can eat and drink wrist bands you can grab yourself a pretty good deal on refreshments for the day.

We loved our day at the Pleasure Beach and have decided to make a visit to the Pleasure Beach a part of our family tradition of making a trip to Blackpool every year in September / October to see the illuminations.

The Pleasure Beach is a great day out for all the family, we proved ourselves that even a two year old can have a fun packed day there. If you are buying at the gate the unlimited wristbands are £29.99 per adult and a child’s unlimited wristband is £26.99, however you can buy them online at a discounted rate from the Pleasure Beach website here. If you’re not a fan of the rides but still want to enjoy the day out with your family you can buy an entry pass for only £6. You can also follow Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Facebook or @Pleasure_Beach on Twitter for their latest news and offers.

Disclaimer: I received the unlimited ride wristbands for the purposes of this review. All opinions and thoughts were independently formed by members of the Mummy Whiskers household and me.

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