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Well it is rather hard to talk about yourself, isn’t it? But I will try, so here is a little bit about us…

So, I’m mum to G, my incredibly awesome, cute, cheeky, mischievous, kind, caring, sensitive, empathetic and adorable little man. Pregnancy was far from what I had expected and hoped for, I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum throughout the pregnancy. But thanks to the support of my wonderful family, especially my mother, I made it through that chapter and have never taken a single day with G for granted since then.


Aside from being a parent I obviously share my thoughts and musings on here… I’m a breastfeeding per support volunteer and I’m currently at university studying breastfeeding counselling and postnatal while also finding my feet as a recently qualified antenatal teacher. I like to keep busy, can you tell?


Breastfeeding is something I am incredibly passionate about and I feel truly blessed to be able to support and empower mothers in their own breastfeeding journeys. My personal breastfeeding journey with G ended recently when he was 4 ½ years to be exact after a study weekend away. It was the right time for both of us, no distress or fuss, it just happened, just how I had always hoped it would and it is truly amazing to see how he is growing as a small person while developing his own independence, opinions and making his own choices.


We live every day to the fullest and life is chaos but we enjoy it and wouldn’t change a thing!

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and escapades, feel free to drop by on here any time to leave a comment and say hi!




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