CupCake nursing pads

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Cake Lingerie recently sent me some CupCake nursing pads to try out, nursing pads always come in handy in the Mummy Whiskers household as they are like socks for been eaten up in the wash! I have used washable nursing pads for over two years now and find them to be far superior to disposable nursing pads. They also work out cheaper and are much kinder to the environment too!

So the CupCake nursing pads come in two parts:

You have the washable nursing pads; this is the outer pocket which is made from organic cotton. These feel lovely and soft, which is very important as this is the part that will be against your skin. You can fit up to two liners in each pad depending on how much absorbency you need.

Next you have the washable liners; these are the liners that go inside the pads. For light flow you would use one liner and for medium to heavy flow you would use two liners. The liners are made from hemp and cotton fleece and are very absorbent. G is two and a half now so my milk flow is minimal as he only feeds at bedtimes, so for me one liner in each pad was enough.

I found the pads and liners wash really well and dry quickly too, they retained their absorbency and soft feel. They are really comfortable to wear and not bulky so they don’t get in the way!

At £9.90 for two pairs of pads and £5.90 for two pairs of liners the CupCake nursing pads do come in at the higher end of the price range for reusable nursing pads; however their quality does shine through and justify the prices. When you think about what you would spend on disposable nursing pads then you realise what great value for money these CupCake nursing pads really are.

To buy the CupCake nursing pads or to view their other products you can take a look at their website here. You can also follow Cake Lingerie on Facebook or follow @cakelingerie on Twitter for their latest news and offers.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of nursing pads and a pair of liners from Cake Maternity for the purposes of this review. All opinions and thoughts were independently formed by members of the Mummy Whiskers household and me.

Chucky Toddler Halloween Costume

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Today G is attending his first Halloween party at preschool; I struggled with my decision this year over his costume. S has always wanted to dress G as Chucky, you know, the creepy doll that murders people in those horror films that I am too scared to watch. So I decided to surprise S and go ahead with his dream of dressing our adorable two year old son as the psychotic doll everyone knows and fears.

After searching Pinterest for inspiration I decided on the Chucky outfit and started shopping. You would be amazed how difficult it is to buy denim dungarees for two year old, well ones that aren’t too expensive anyway. Finally though with a little help from my Mum we managed to piece together the Chucky look in time for this morning.

Chucky Toddler Halloween Costume

Here is what you will need:

~ Denim dungarees – I found mine at BHS, they cost £16

~ Striped multicolour long sleeve top – I found this at BHS also, a pack of two tops cost £10

~ Red hair spray – You can buy this from Superdrug’s for £2.99

~ Hair sculpting clay – Or something similar, you should be able to find this in the bathroom cupboard at home without having to buy it in. Or borrow some if you can, you will only need a tiny amount anyway.

~ Hairspray – Again you will probably have some lying around the house.

~ Make up – I didn’t see the point in paying over the odds for face paints which never seem to wash off, I just used some eye shadows and an eye pencil from my old faithful make up bag.

~ Toy saw – Personally I don’t let G have toy weapons like guns or knives so I used a saw from his tool set. You could use anything along these lines; most kids have something in the toy box, if not just check out your local pound shop.

What I did:

1) Well obviously I dressed the child!

2) Next I applied the make up to give G some scars / stitches across his face and a black eye.

3) I then brushed his hair back and put some of the hair sculpting clay through it, once it looked like a crazy mess I took him outside to spray some red in his hair.

4) To finish off I sprayed some normal hair spray to hold it all in place and handed him his red toy saw.

Ta dah!

Super Busy Mum

Pain Au Marmalade

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I recently received a jar of La Vieja Fabrica Seville Orange Marmalade from Degustabox; I couldn’t think of what to do with this marmalade other than to spread it onto toast. S doesn’t like marmalade so I had to try and think of an alternative, something that would make it less “marmalade-ish”. So I came up with pain au marmalade, since S loves pain au chocolate, well actually we all do, so I thought I would switch the chocolate for marmalade and give it a whirl.

This is a pretty straight forward and quick recipe using ready rolled puff pastry, you could make your own but if you’re like me you are probably short on time. These pain au marmalades are perfect for breakfast or as a snack with a cup of coffee.

Pain Au Marmalade

Makes: 12

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Baking time: 15 -20 minutes

Weight Watchers: 6 Propoints each


~ Two baking trays

~ Baking paper

~ Pizza cutter

~ Teaspoon


~ One packet of fresh puff pastry ready rolled (I use Sainsbury’s puff pastry ready rolled from the chilled department)

~ 12 tsp marmalade (I used La Vieja Fabrica Seville Orange Marmalade)

~ One egg, beaten to use for egg wash

~ Oil spray (I used Dr Oetker cake release spray)


1) Preheat oven to 180 / gas mark 4.

2) Lay out the pastry on a large chopping board.

3) Cut the pastry into 12 even squares.

4) Add one teaspoon of marmalade to each square.

5) Roll each square up and press down the edges to seal in the marmalade.

6) Spray the baking trays with the oil then add baking sheets (the oil just holds the sheets to the trays so they don’t slide off.

7) Place six pain au marmalade on each baking tray and brush on the egg wash.

8) Bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until they are golden brown.

9) Allow to cool on cooling racks and enjoy!

Pizza Sauce Recipe


No one makes a perfect pizza like the Italians, but if you don’t have time to eat out then a home-made pizza is the next best thing. Home-made pizzas are so much better than shop bought ones; they are healthier, lower in fat and free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. What more reason do you need to make a fresh home-made pizza; so today for Meat Free Monday I am sharing with you my pizza sauce recipe, I’m making it today with a basic margarita pizza, low fat and delicious.

Pizza Sauce Recipe

Makes: 6 portions / pizzas

Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes for the sauce; 10 minutes per two pizzas

Weight Watchers: 5 Propoints per pizza (that is 3 Propoints for the low fat wrap, 2 Propoints for 30g mozzarella and the pizza sauce is zero Propoints)!


~ Large saucepan

~ Wooden spoon

~ Pizza crisper


For the sauce:

~ 1 carton or bottle of passata

~ 1 medium red onion finely chopped

~ 1 red chilli deseeded and finely chopped

~ 2 garlic cloves crushed

~ 1 tbsp dried mixed Italian herbs

~ 100ml boiling water mixed with 1 vegetable stock cube

~ Olive oil in a spray bottle

~ Salt and crushed black pepper to taste

For the pizza:

~ 6 low-fat tortilla wraps

~ 180g mozzarella grated (30g for each pizza)

~ Handful of fresh basil leaves washed and dried with a kitchen towel

~ Olive oil in a spray bottle

~ Crushed black pepper


1) Heat the pan and spray with the olive oil.

2) Add the onion, chilli and garlic and sauté for 2-3 minutes.

3) Add the passata and dried mixed Italian herbs and simmer for 5 minutes.

4) Add the vegetable stock and season to taste with the salt and crushed black pepper.

5) Simmer for a further 10 minutes.

If you want to save your pizza sauce for later you can freeze it by so now the pizza sauce is ready, if you are not making pizzas straight away then pour the sauce into six freezable containers. Allow the sauce to fully cool in the containers before you fasten the lids on and place the containers into the freezer. I personally only recommend freezing for up to eight weeks. Defrost the sauce fully before applying to a pizza base.

To make the margarita pizzas straight away:

1) Preheat oven to 200, 190 if fan assisted.

2) Place each wrap on the pizza crisper tray/s and lightly spray with olive oil.

3) Spread 1/6 of the sauce onto each wrap evenly. If you froze the pizza sauce previously, ensure it is fully defrosted first.

4) Sprinkle 30g of mozzarella on top of each wrap evenly.

5) Garnish each pizza with basil leaves and a sprinkle of crushed black pepper.

6) Place in oven and bake for 8-10 minutes. (I usually cook two at a time).

7) Serve immediately.

8) Enjoy!

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The Deep

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We recently went to visit The Deep in Hull, an award winning aquarium that is home to 3,500 fish including a pair of swordfish, sharks, rays and a colony of penguins. Not only an aquarium The Deep is an education and conservation charity, they help to raise awareness of marine conservation issues and organise an annual beach clean just to name a couple.

We took G to The Deep with us as he loves “fishies” as he calls them, Big Brother keeps tropical fish so G spends a lot of time there watching and talking to the fishies.

To be honest I found The Deep a little grown up for G, he is only two and a half after all and a large part of The Deep is what I would call museum like, with lots of interesting facts to read about and videos to watch. S and I really enjoyed this part but of course it wasn’t for G.

He perked up once we reached the first few fish tanks though, he really enjoyed the penguins! They were really cute and funny. We managed to capture a few photos of them.

 There is a good variety of tanks and fish in The Deep; they are really well displayed too. We especially loved the glass elevator which runs up the side of the large Endless Ocean tank which homes the green sawfish, sharks and rays.

We did have a bit of trouble finding our way around but every member of staff that we spoke to either didn’t know the answer or was so busy they rushed past and didn’t hear us. It was a little disappointing if I’m honest as we probably missed out on a few things that were going on that day, but we enjoyed what we saw anyway.

There are a lot of facilities at The Deep, the Observatory Cafe serves hot meals until 3pm; has a picnic area and during peak times has a snack bar open. On a weekend the Two Rivers Restaurant is open at The Deep for a more grown up meal, Two Rivers provides diners with a Mediterranean menu with a Yorkshire twist. The Deep also has lifts and easy access for wheelchairs and pushchairs throughout the aquarium and there is a large gift shop at the exit.

We finished our trip around The Deep in only 70 minutes and we really enjoyed it too.

You can find out the full details about The Deep, opening times, prices, etc on their website. You can also follow The Deep on Facebook or @thedeephull on Twitter to find out about their latest news and offers.

Disclaimer: I received a family ticket to visit The Deep for the purposes of this review. All opinions and thoughts were independently formed by members of the Mummy Whiskers household and me.

The Gruffalo Live

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The Gruffalo Live has been touring the world since 2001, this smash hit production is currently touring the UK and tickets are still available at a variety of venues with dates running up to the 4th January 2015.

The set up of the stage show is very simple and with a cast of only three I was very intrigued by what this show would be like. The show runs for 55 minutes with no interval and is recommended for children aged 3 and over.

The performance is a musical adaption of the original Gruffalo story written by Julia Donaldson; the main character is Mouse, played by Ellie Bell, who takes a stroll through the deep dark wood. Mouse meets a wheeler-dealer fox, an old owl and a party-mad snake. Mouse manages to scare these other animals away with stories that she makes up about a creature called the Gruffalo, but what does she do when she comes face to face with the Gruffalo himself?!  The show is filled with laughter, scary fun, singing and dancing for children aged 3+ and the grown-ups too.

We went to see the Gruffalo Live in Preston not too long ago, we took G who although is only two and a half, adores the Gruffalo. Despite the fact he is just under the age of 3 he thoroughly enjoyed the show, 55 minutes is just the right amount of time for a young child to watch a show and I also find not having an interval better as this normally distracts G and it can be difficult to get him to settle back down for the second part of a show.

G loved everything about the show, especially the snake shaking his maracas. G happily danced along with the snake, clapping and singing. He was very excited to see the Gruffalo on stage too and enjoyed screaming along with the audience. The whole performance was fantastic, a thoroughly enjoyable trip for all of the family.

If you haven’t been to see the Gruffalo Live yet there are still dates available on their website. You can also follow The Gruffalo Live on Facebook or @TheGruffaloLive on Twitter for more information and offers.

Disclaimer: I received a family ticket to see the Gruffalo Live for the purposes of this review. All opinions and thoughts were independently formed by members of the Mummy Whiskers household and me.

Halloween Spiced Biscuits


Halloween is just around the corner so it’s time to prepare the treats, that’s if you want to avoid the tricks! I have made these Halloween Spiced Biscuits with black treacle to make them darker, in keeping with the Halloween theme. They are really a cross between a biscuit and a cake as they are nice and soft in the middle, a bit like the Jaffa cake debate really. I have also recently received some baking goodies from Kitchen Craft so this was the perfect opportunity to try them out.

The ingredients below are to make 60 bite-sized biscuits, this may seem excessive but they won’t last long on Halloween night or if you take them to a party! We love these Halloween Spiced Biscuits here in the Mummy Whiskers household; they have a taste of parkin / toffee to them which everyone loves here!

Halloween Spiced Biscuits

Preparation time: 30 – 40 minutes

Bake time: 10 minutes

Makes: 60

Weight Watchers: 1 Propoint each


~ Pan

~ Spatula

~ Sieve

~ Mixing Bowl

~ Rolling pin

~ Halloween cutters (I used the Kitchen Craft Halloween cutters)

~ Two baking trays

~ Baking paper

~ Two cooling racks


~ 30g sugar brown

~ 1 ½ tbsp sweetener

~ 3 tbsp black treacle

~ 1 tbsp water

~ ½ tsp cinnamon

~ 2 tsp ginger

~ ½ tsp mixed spice

~ 115 g butter

~ ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

~ 245g plain flour sifted

~ Oil spray (I used the Dr Oetker cake release spray)

~ Icing in a bag or tube for decorating


1) Preheat oven to 180 / gas mark 4

2) Boil water, sugar, treacle, ginger, cinnamon and mixed spice in a pan.

3) Remove from heat, stir in butter.

4) Pour the contents of the pan into the mixing bowl of flour and bicarbonate of soda.

5) Stir and fold until you are left with a ball of dough.

6) Place the dough somewhere cool to set for 20-30 minutes.

7) Sprinkle some flour onto a dry clean surface.

8) Split the ball of dough into half and roll out one half.

9) Roll dough out about 3 mm thick

10) Cut out the shapes.

11) Gather what is left of the first half of dough, knead back into a ball and roll out again, cut out more shapes.

12) Repeat the process until you have 30 mini shapes, or as many as you can get.

13) Now repeat the above process with the second half of the dough.

14) Spray some cake release spray / oil spray on the baking trays and place a sheet of baking paper on each tray. The spray stops the sheet from sliding.

15) Place the cut out shapes on both trays, spread out evenly leaving at least a 2cm gap between them.

16) Place the trays in the oven and bake for approximately 15 minutes (they will bake quicker if you are using a fan assisted oven).

17) Once baked place the biscuits on the cooling racks and leave to cool fully.

18) Finally, use the icing tubes to draw around the features on the biscuits left by the cutters.

Casa Costello
Image courtesy of Sessa Daily

Mastitis with Sessa Daily

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As I’m on holiday this week I have a guest post for you today about mastitis with the lovely Sessa Daily. I am so lucky not to have suffered with mastitis, but as a breastfeeding support volunteer I have met lots of mums who have and I wanted to share with you Sessa’s experience today in the hope that it will give some help and reassurance to anyone reading who may have mastitis.

So without further ado I will hand you over to Sessa!


Breastfeeding for the first time is hard. At best you’ve got one hungry little newborn who just wants to feed, feed, feed and at worst you’ve got a battle on your hands of trying to get the baby to latch correctly and not hurt you or your nipples any more than is necessary.

I was incredibly fortunate that Baby G had a good latch straight from birth. It turned out that I had a fast let down and my milk came in within the first 48 hours. By all accounts, that was great! I recognise half the battle was won based purely on luck.

However, with a fast let down and full supply of milk and one hungry little baby very quickly came heavy engorgement followed by a dose of mastitis. If you don’t know what this is, you’re lucky. It’s an inflammation of the breast tissue and can be caused by a number of things (infection, milk not been drained properly etc.) You can read more about it here.

After giving birth, I went from being a humble 32B to a 36DD in the space of 3 days and I can tell you that the pain, not just from the raw nipples and constant feeding, was unreal. I had been SO excited towards the end of my pregnancy about being able to sleep on my stomach again…but no such luck. With those huge and solid boobs planted on top of my chest, I could barely roll over without hurting. They were solid as rocks. Lumps = not good.

Not only were they sore but they were HOT. And I don’t mean sexy. I mean seriously warm. I looked like a much less glamorous Pamela Anderson and couldn’t get comfortable or cool no matter what I did.

And then along came the red patch on my lower left breast. This is the first proper warning sign of mastitis. Soon my temperature began to rise and I started to feel unwell. My midwife had warned me of the symptoms since I was a good candidate for mastitis (with my big milk supply) so I knew it was developing. I didn’t like the idea of taking drugs while I was breastfeeding, unsure of what it would mean for Baby G, so Mr G got a non-toxic pen and drew around the area on my breast to mark its size. We decided that I’d sleep on it and if it had gotten any bigger by the morning that I would get to the doctor and get some drugs. I hopped in the shower to hand express after she’d finished feeding to try empty out my milk and then went to bed and hoped for the best.

The next morning, I woke up sore and unwell and saw the redness had almost doubled in size so I knew I had to get to my doctor straight away. She prescribed me antibiotics that were safe for breastfeeding and told me to keep taking my painkillers to help with the pain. Luckily I was still taking the painkillers to help recover from birth, so the antibiotics were just another couple of pills to be popping.

I was surprised I had to take the drugs for 10 days though. It took about 3 days before the redness started to disappear but it wasn’t fully gone for about a week. I watched Baby G like a hawk, wondering if there was any change in her while I was taking the drugs, but she didn’t seem to be affected by it at all thankfully.

So the lesson here is: mastitis is a bitch. It’s sore and it’s exhausting and it can be really serious (sometimes leading to hospitalisation). If you think you’ve got it, get yourself to a doctor ASAP and get treated.

But, the good news is there are things you can do to help yourself. And it doesn’t last forever. It can take 3 weeks after delivery before your milk supply is regulated properly to match your newborn’s needs. Some days will be better than others. Some days will be emptier than others and a lot tougher to keep up. (Did you know newborns tend to feed more at night because that’s when the hormone prolactin is produced which helps your milk come in faster? Clever little babies!)

This is not an extensive list, just a list of the things that I found helpful. Hopefully it’ll be of some help for you too!

Cold cabbage leaves: The dark green kind; if you buy some cabbage and put them in the fridge (towards the very back) they will be nice and cool. After every feed, or any time your breasts start to feel warm and full, reach for a leaf and place it over your breast. If you place it inside your bra it’ll help keep it in place. The cool touch of the leaf will help relieve the warmth and soreness and the cold also encourages the ducts to close which slows down your milk supply. (It doesn’t stop it; it slows it, which is a godsend for those of us who produce waaaaay too much to begin with).

FULL DISCLOSURE: You will smell like Christmas dinner as the leaves heat up from the warmth of your skin. It’s not particularly nice, but it works. My midwife also told me there was no need to wash your breast or nipples before feeding again, but do what makes you comfortable.

Learn how to make different positions work for you: This one is SO important. I never knew that certain positions helped drain certain areas of the breast and I am so grateful to the midwife who taught me that (seriously, I must have seen 5 different midwives but only 1 told me about this!). If you position the baby’s lower lip/chin so it’s over the affected area (or even just your fullest area) then this will be the main part of the breast that the baby drinks from. This means the baby will get the most out of the feed but it also means the area will be drained and relieved quickly and you’ll feel so much better. Just look out for a really fast let down, when I get quite full, Baby G tends to splutter a lot because the milk just pours into her mouth.

Cold face cloth as a compress: This is the same idea as the cabbage leaves but less smelly.

Cool showers: The cool water running over your breast will be a relief, though the rest of your body may not thank you for it. Might help wake you up a bit though!

Hand express: This one you need to be careful with because you don’t want to over stimulate the breast and trick it into thinking it needs to provide MORE milk. You just want to relieve the pressure building up a little or after a feed, drain the breast. Sometimes the baby doesn’t get it all out and this can lead to mastitis. Gentle rubbing motions from the outside in towards the nipple will help break up those lumps and move the milk along towards the nipple ready to be drawn out.

TOP TIP: Don’t squeeze your nipples! They’re already having a hard enough time adjusting to your newborn’s needs. Gently pinch the area around the outside of your areola and this will push the milk out.

HEAT: I know this contradicts the first few points but trust me, if you heat your breasts up with a hot water bottle (or warm face cloth) right before a feed it will open all your ducts and allow the baby to draw down the milk that bit easier and help them to properly drain them. (Finish the feed then with a cold compress to close the ducts down).

As a side note, I also found the Multi-Mam compresses a God send for helping heal my nipples during the whole establishing-breastfeeding routine. They’re pricey, but worth it. Keep them in the fridge too for added effect!

You can read more about breastfeeding positions here.

For advice and support about mastitis or anything else breastfeeding related, I have listed a few useful links below.

The Breastfeeding Network

La Leche

National Breastfeeding Helpline


Baby Centre

The Baby Cafe If you can’t find a baby cafe near to you it may also be worth asking your health visitor if there is a support group giving breastfeeding support in your local area.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Kelly Mom


Image courtesy of Sessa Daily
Image courtesy of Sessa Daily

Sessa Daily is blogging about life as a new mom in Ireland. Follow her to get to know her.


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Recycling with simplehuman

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I have had the pleasure of reviewing a beautiful recycler from simplehuman recently; to be precise it’s the 48 litre touch-bar recycler. For me personally I have never liked recycling as it usually means lots of cartons and cardboard stacking up on my work surfaces throughout the day or carrier bags filled with recyclable items hanging from the kitchen door handle, so I have really enjoyed recycling with simplehuman and their 48 litre touch-bar recycler.

Recycling in the home is so easy but so many of us forget or believe that we don’t have enough time to sort through our trash and recycle. Nine out of ten homes in the UK have recycling bins that are emptied by the council either weekly or fortnightly, but how many of us actually fill these recycle bins? *Hands up* I’m guilty of putting out a half empty recycle bin on collection day, well I say “I” but it’s actually S that takes charge of bin duty. So whilst reviewing the simplehuman 48 litre touch-bar recycler, I decided to set the Mummy Whiskers family the challenge of filling the recycle bin every fortnight.

The touch-bar recycler has many fantastic features, the design was thought out very well and the recycler is very stylish and slick, perfect for any kitchen. My favourite features are:

Dual Buckets:

The blue one is for recyclable items and the black one is for regular trash, I used the bin liners provided in the black bucket. The liner bags are really strong and easy to tie up with draw string fastening. The buckets are great and I love been able to store my recyclables in there until I have time to take them out the to the recycle bin in the garden. The bucket easily lifts out so I can take it outside and simply tip the contents into the outdoor recycle bin.

Slider Discs:

Under the recycler are nylon slider discs, they make it effortless to move the recycler across the floor and don’t leave any marks on the tiles. Until I looked underneath I was convinced the recycler had wheels!

Bucket Park:

This is pretty cool, you can lift the bucket a few inches, tilt it and it sits on the curves inside the recycler so you can easily change the bags over without fully removing the bucket.

Fingerprint Proof:

Yes, that’s right; this stainless steel recycler is fingerprint proof. Believe me G certainly tested this feature thoroughly!

Touch-Bar Opening:

It’s so easy to open the recycler; just a gentle tap on the touch-bar opens it. If you don’t want to touch the recycler with your hands you can easily use your hip, knee or any other body part to open it!

10 Year Warranty:

This product comes with a 10 year warranty, although I doubt you will need it as their products are very well made with the best quality materials.

Space Efficient Hinge:

Finally, the recycler has a space efficient hinge, this means that the lid to the recycler not only fully opens but it moves up out of the way so you can access the bins inside fully without catching the lid with trash.

 But my favourite thing about the recycler has to be that my kitchen looks THAT much nicer now that my trash is hidden inside this beautiful new kitchen feature. I have found that since using the touch-bar recycler I have become more conscious of where I am putting the trash and this has resulted in our recycle bin overflowing on collection days. I’m actually going to ask my local council for a second recycle bin!

The 48 litre recycler is £149.99 this comes with free delivery and a 10 year warranty. I can’t praise this product enough; it’s wonderful and has made such a great improvement to my kitchen in more ways that one.

You can see all of the simplehuman range on their website. You can also follow simplehuman on Facebook; follow @simplehuman on Twitter; or follow simplehuman on Google +.

Here are a few simple pointers to help you recycle more at home:

  • Firstly check if your local council does recycle collections and when. You can also find out what you can recycle and where here.
  • If you don’t already have a recycle bin (usually green) then request one from your local council. They’re free of charge.
  • If you need more space you can ask your local council for a larger recycle bin or a second one, depending on the area you live in.
  • Check all packaging for the recycle logos, if you need help understanding what each logo means you can find out here.
  • Check with your local council what items they recycle, this can vary in different areas.
  • Wash food containers such as glass sauce jars and tins before putting them into the recycle bin.
  • If your local council doesn’t collect certain recyclable items such as glass then check your local supermarkets for recycling drop off points.
  • Get your children to join in with sorting through what can be recycled; it’s never too early or too late to make a start.
  • Most supermarkets collect used carrier bags to recycle now, so this is something else worth checking out.
  • You can find lots more tips on recycling at Recycle Now.

We're going on an adventure
Disclaimer: I received this simplehuman 48 litre touch-bar recycler for the purposes of this review. All opinions and thoughts were independently formed by members of the Mummy Whiskers household and me.
Images courtesy of Octonauts Live

Win a family ticket for Octonauts Live


For the first time the Octonauts will be touring live around the UK and I am very excited to have a family ticket to give away on here! The tour starts on 16th October 2014 and runs through until 5th July 2015 so there will be plenty of venues and dates to choose from if you are lucky enough to win.

Enjoy an action-packed interactive musical stage show with the Octonauts in an underwater adventure, with surprises around every corner. The perfect family event with fun for all!

You can see full details of the tour dates and venues on the Octonauts Live website.

I also have a sneaky peek look at some photos from the Octonauts Live set to share with you all today!

Images courtesy of Octonauts Live
Images courtesy of Octonauts Live

So for your chance to win a family ticket for Octonauts Live (two adults and two children) simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below. The mandatory entry is to make a comment on this post with your child’s favourite Octonauts character. The other entries are optional but will give you a higher chance of winning.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to UK residents only. The winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday 7th October 2014 and emailed the same day. The winner will have until Thursday 9th October 2014 to respond to the email with their details, if they fail to do so they will be disqualified and another winner will be drawn at random. Any entrants that do not complete their entries as per the terms and conditions will be disqualified. For the full terms and conditions please see the link on the Rafflecopter form.

Good luck everyone!