Aqua aerobics for beginners


So today I am hosting my first guest post, aqua aerobics for beginners. I have focused on weight loss for a while now and I’m trying to find ways to improve my fitness and general well being too so when Kaitlin from AnApplePerDay approached me I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to find out more. So I will now hand you over to the wonderful Kaitlin…


Aqua Aerobics Exercises for Beginners

Perhaps the greatest thing about aqua aerobics is that once you have a pool to access and comfortable clothing to wear, there is nothing stopping you from getting started. In fact, you don’t even need any fancy equipment. Later, you may want to invest in some inexpensive items that will add more challenge to your routine, but for now, the name of the aqua aerobics game is to simply get in the pool and move!

But First, the Benefits

Let me take a minute to explain how aqua aerobics actually works: Just like on land, when you move around continuously, for any length of time, your heart is going to pump faster (work harder). As the muscles of your body call for more oxygen and blood, your lungs and heart step up their game. So just like walking or running a lap around a track, walking around your pool is working your muscles (including your heart and lungs) and improving your overall cardio performance, but with a twist: the natural resistance that water provides means that your muscles are working even harder than if you were walking on land! The even better news? Moving around in the water, which is what aqua aerobics essentially is, does not deliver the impact to your joints that exercising on land delivers. In fact, it is extremely low-impact and often used for rehabilitation following injury, surgery or to keep patients suffering from a progressive disease, like multiple sclerosis, as strong as they can for as long as they can. After you’ve mastered the basics, check out these sites for even more aqua aerobics ideas:

Getting Started in the Pool

Wear comfortable swim attire that won’t need constant adjusting or monitoring. If you prefer not to get your hair wet, an inexpensive swim cap can be found at just about any drugstore in the summer months. In the off-season, go online to a swim supply site for plenty of choices.

Below are a few simple moves for your large muscle groups that will help you get acquainted with the way your body responds to being in the water. Don’t worry if you have a hard time remaining balanced at first; this will improve quickly over time. Here we go:

1. Leg lifts: This move strengthens the core muscles of your abdomen and lower back. Stand with your back against the side of the pool, in chest-deep water. Place your arms out to your sides on the pool deck (shoulder height). With your feet together, tighten your core muscles and lift your legs while keeping your lower back as close to the wall as possible. Try to bring your toes up the surface of the water, so that your legs are at a 90-degree angle to the pool wall. Lower legs. Do three sets of twelve lifts.

2. Arm circles: Standing in neck-deep water, or squatting in shallower water if you need to, raise both arms out to the sides of your body and begin doing small arm circles in a counter-clockwise direction. After 30 seconds, reverse direction. Then, do a set of larger circles, again for 30 seconds in each direction. Rest and repeat each set two more times.

3. Squats: To work the glutes, quads and hamstrings (buttocks, large front and back leg muscles) stand in waist-deep water with feet shoulder distance apart. With your arms straight out in front of you, bend your knees and slowly lower yourself down into the water until it is neck deep and then back up to the start position. Do three sets of twelve.

Adjust any of these exercises as you need to. Remember, don’t overdo it and be sure to check with a doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.


Image courtesy of An Apple Per Day

Kaitlin Gardner started to further her passion for a family friendly, green living lifestyle. She is married to her college sweetheart and lives in Pennsylvania. She and her husband enjoy going for long hikes, to get out and enjoy nature. She is working on her first book about ways to live an eco-friendly, healthy, natural life.






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Week Five of Weight Watchers


Week five of Weight Watchers already, this week with a maintain on the scales. It’s not great, but I know where I have gone wrong and I’m just thankful I escaped without a weight gain.

On a positive note though I have done much more exercise over the past week so I feel that is a step in the right direction. I am starting to wonder if my weight gain is having a negative impact on my health, I have suffered with severe heart burn and reflux since G was born. My consultant feels that it has stemmed from the Hyperemesis pregnancy and I am taking as many medications now as I was back then during pregnancy.

The heart burn and reflux seemed to be getting better when I lost two stone, but has got worse again now I’ve put the weight back on. I’m not convinced that my weight is solely to blame here though, I have been on the same medications for a very long time now, maybe my body is becoming immune to them?

This weekend didn’t help, I was so busy sorting out the house that I forgot to take my medications for two days and it was back with a vengeance. Uncontrollable vomiting, no warning what so ever, so on Monday I daren’t leave the house! Thankfully it’s settling down now that I’m taking the medications again, but the after affects are still there.

I do think realistically that all three are to blame equally, of course the weight gain won’t be helping, it’s obvious that my body will become immune to medications after a long period of time and missing them altogether is a pretty obvious one and proves that I still very much need them.

This week my apple pear and elderflower ice lollies will get me through and hopefully help the weight loss to come back too. So here is to a much more successful week six!

Super Busy Mum
Wellbeing Wednesday

Apple Pear and Elderflower Ice Lollies

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Last week I decided to make some ice lollies, I wanted them to be natural and healthy for G but also fat free for me so I came up with apple, pear and elderflower ice lollies.

They turned out great; I used the Tovolo Bug Pops Ice Moulds from Eddington’s to make these. They worked out zero Propoints on the Weight Watchers plan and are so delicious. They are so refreshing and full of flavour that I just can’t stop eating them, neither can G!

They are pretty simple and quick to make, so this is how I did it.

Apple Pear and Elderflower Ice Lollies:

Serves: 6

Weight Watchers: Zero Propoints

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes

Freezing time: 4-6 hours

You will need:

~ Blender

~ Sieve

~ Large wide jug

~ Measuring spoons and / or jug

~ Six ice lolly moulds (I used the Tovolo Bug Pops Ice Moulds and each holds approx 200ml)


~ 8 small dessert apples

~ 3 conference pears

~ 200ml cold water

~ 50ml good quality elderflower cordial (I use Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Elderflower cordial)


1) Peel the apples and chop them into pieces approximately 2cm in size. Throw them into the blender.

2) Repeat step one with the pears.

3) Next add the water and elderflower cordial and switch on the blender until fully blitzed.

4) Place the sieve on top of the large jug and pour the mixture from the blender through the sieve to eliminate any bits.

5) Finally pour the smooth mix from the jug into the moulds, add the lids and place in the freezer.

6) Freeze for at least six hours before serving, enjoy!

I tend to keep things like this in my freezer for up to eight weeks, but everyone has different opinions on this.

I also find it helpful to place the frozen mould under a running hot water tap for a fee seconds to release the mould without breaking or cracking the ice lolly.

Technically there is one Propoint value in the 50ml of elderflower cordial that I used, but unless you plan on eating all six in one day this really is negligible.

Match Day Crisp Sarnie

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Earlier this week I received an email from Tots100 telling me about their latest blogging challenge for National Crisp Sarnie Week. They have teamed up with the one and only Seabrook Crisps. Need I say anymore?? I decided it was time to share with you all my Match Day Crisp Sarnie.

I am a Bradfordian born and bred so Seabrook Crisps have been a staple snack in my family for generations. Crisp sarnies are my ultimate comfort food, I love them but they have to be made precisely to my standard. I have a crisp sarnie almost every Saturday match day for lunch before heading to Valley Parade to watch my beloved team Bradford City, this for me is an important match day ritual and nothing other than Seabrook Crisps, cheese and onion, crinkle cut will do.

I have been a loyal supporter at Bradford City for 20 years this year, so I have had 20 years to perfect the Match Day Crisp Sarnie. It’s nothing fancy, it’s just a simple crisp sarnie, but that is how a crisp sarnie should be. No one around these parts wants fancy nonsense or anything remotely healthy looking in their crisp sarnie, we just want a filling, tasty and simple to make crisp sarnie.

So here is how I make my Match Day Crisp Sarnie, you don’t need to be a Bradford City fan to enjoy this, but it helps!


~ 1 large white bap

~ 50g mild cheddar cheese grated

~ 1 spring onion washed and roughly chopped

~ 2 tsp Weight Watchers dairy spread

~ 2 tsp Hellman’s extra light mayonnaise

~ 1 pack of Seabrook Crisps crinkle cut cheese & onion flavour (This is non-negotiable)

What to do:

1)      Pre heat-grill and slice the bap into two then place on a tray.

2)      Place the bap under the grill for roughly 5 minutes (until lightly golden brown).

3)      Meanwhile grate 50g of mild cheddar and using a pair of scissors chop the spring onion onto the grated cheese, mix well. (With your hands, it won’t hurt you!)

4)      Once the bap is lightly golden brown spread one tsp of spread onto each side and pop back under the grill for a minute to help the spread soak in.

5)      Now swirl a tsp of extra light mayonnaise onto each side of the bap.

6)      Take the bottom half of the bap and add a layer of crisps.

7)      Then add a layer of the cheese and spring onion mix.

8)      Repeat the layers until all the crisps and cheese / spring onion mix are used up.

9)      Place the top half of the bap on top and eat.

10)   Now you’re ready to head off to the football!

Obviously it’s not exactly low in Propoints but if you are on the Weight Watchers diet it only comes to 15 Propoints so it won’t hurt to have it as a treat now and again. It is definitely worth saving your weekly Propoints for!

This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook Crisps.

Mia Tui Ella special offer

Mia Tui Ella Special Offer

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Some of you may remember a while ago that I reviewed the stunning Mia Tui Sofia bag, you can read about it here. I am very excited that I will be reviewing another bag for Mia Tui over the next two months, the Amelie. Amelie is Mia Tui’s ultimate travel bag / overnight bag.

Well whilst you are eagerly awaiting news on how the Amelie lives up to our thorough testing I wanted to tell you about the Mia Tui Ella special offer and it really is a very special offer indeed!

The Ella is currently on special offer for £39. Along with the Ella changing bag you would receive a change mat, buggy clips and free postage & packaging, a whopping 40% saving. The offer applies to all the Ella bags and there are seven different colours to choose from. So if you can’t decide which colour to choose, you could buy two while this offer is available!

Mia Tui Ella special offer
Image courtesy of Mia Tui

About the Ella changing bag:

The Ella bag is waterproof inside and out and has a stunning pink interior lining. Inside the bag you will find:

~ Two bottle holders

~ A key clip

~ Phone pocket

~ Pen holder

~ Detachable shoulder strap

~ Clear internal bag with clutch strap

~ A matching clutch bag with wrist strap.

The clutch bag is my favorite part of my Sofia bag as I love using the clutch bag when out in the evenings!

About the Mia Tui Ella special offer:

The Mia Tui Ella special offer also includes a changing mat and buggy clips. Both are essentials for any changing bag. I love that this changing mat has pockets that pull out on either side with enough space to keep nappies and wipes in there.

To buy the Ella changing bag with this special offer simply follow the instructions below.

1) Go to the Mia Tui website.

2) Select your choice of Ella bag

3) Add to basket

4) Enter the code Ella40 at checkout.

It’s that easy!

Happy shopping! I will be back very soon with an update on how we found the Amelie bag.

Eddingtons kitchen accessories review

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We were recently sent some Eddingtons kitchen accessories to review; we received the Tovolo Mini Sweet Treats Ice Cream Tubs, the Tovolo Bug Pops Ice Moulds and the Chicago Metallic Pizza Crisper.

Tovolo Bug Pops Ice Moulds.

It is the perfect time of year to be making ice lollies so we started with the Tovolo Bug Pops Ice Moulds. These are available to buy from Buysend and the RRP is £14.49 but youcan buy them at the moment for £13.69 including free UK delivery.

The pack contained six ice lolly moulds and three leaf trays to stand them in so you can freeze them in pairs which is handy if you don’t want to use all six at once or need to split them to fit around other items in your freezer.

The moulds are a generous size, perfect for older children and adults. The handles are curved and easy to hold, G is only two and he managed to keep hold it whilst enjoying an ice lolly last week! The lollies easily come out of the moulds without cracking by simply running the mould under a running hot water tap for a few seconds once removed from the freezer.

The moulds do need to be stored upright in your freezer as they are quite tall you do need to put them on a deep shelf so that they fit.

We love them and have being enjoying making different fruity lollies over the past few weeks; I will be sharing the recipes later.

Tovolo Mini Sweet Treats Ice Cream Tubs

Next up we tried the Tovolo Mini Sweet Treats Ice Cream Tubs which are available to buy from Captain Cooks and retail at £19.99 per pack alhought they are currently on sale for £13.99, delivery not included.

The pack contains four individual ice cream tubs and lids; they are BPA free and dishwasher safe. The tubs have a Capacity OF 175ml, the perfect individual portion. The lids are really cute pastel colours and look lovely, they would suit any kitchen.

We love these tubs and have made a few different ice creams and sorbets over the past few weeks. I love the mini size of the tubs as they contain just the right amount for one person so you can just eat straight out of the tub. Anything that saves washing up is going to get plus points from us!

You will be seeing the recipes later this week…

Chicago Metallic Pizza Crisper

Finally we tried out the Chicago Metallic Pizza Crisper which is available to buy from Online Kitchenware with an RRP of £10.95. (10 year limited warranty included).

At 36cm diameter you can make a large pizza to feed the family on this tray, its non stick and has perforated holes all around the tray to ensure the base is crispy and removes easily from the tray once cooked.

As I’m on a diet I am always looking for low fat ways of having pizza and have really enjoyed using wraps recently as a base. Forgive the following photos of the pizza crisper as it looks huge with a tortilla wrap pizza in the middle!

The tray is very sold and heavy duty; it’s strong and doesn’t lose its shape once hot as some cheaper ones tend to.

We have also used it to toast crumpets, make cheese on toast and heat up naan breads as it’s perfect at crisping anything, not just pizzas.

Eddingtons is a distributor and you can find out more about their fantastic kitchen products and where to buy them on the Eddingtons website. You can also follow @Eddingtons on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

Week Four of Weight Watchers


Well I can’t believe it, I’ve finally cracked it! I went along to my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday lunch time and was thrilled to have lost two lbs!!! Yes that’s right two lbs!

I have always been a slow starter at Weight Watchers, but I do get there in the end and once I do I keep going so I’m very much looking forward to lots more pounds lost over the next few months.

So how did I do it this week? Well it’s pretty simple; I bought a set of Weight Watchers kitchen scales in my meeting last week. I really thought they were a gimmick and that ordinary kitchen scales would do, I honestly thought I could manage without them but between a toddler, two cats, a messy husband, two volunteer jobs and this blog it was proving difficult to weigh, measure and calculate everything so I bit the bullet and bought the scales.

I can honestly say the scales are worth their weight in gold, they have made my life so much easier, I don’t need to weigh then calculate, I can add the nutritional values into the scales, pop the food on top and it instantly tells me the point value. It’s that simple!

So this week I’ll continue with my awesome new Weight Watchers scales carry on finding fabulous mini meals that are low in ProPoints and continue for my mission to discover Weight Watchers sweet treats in the Mummy Whiskers kitchen.

In other news exercise was put on hold last week as I had concussion (thank you for whacking me on the head G!) so I do need to step this side of things up a gear still. I’m planning a few walks this week and digging the waterproofs out ready! I’ll try and talk S into fixing the Wii too so I can dance away some calories…


Wellbeing Wednesday

Dyson Cool Bladeless Fan AM06


Last month I was invited to the Trafford Centre, Manchester to meet with some of the lovely people from Dyson. They were at the Trafford Centre to introduce their newest Dyson Cool bladeless fan AM06, said to be 75% quieter and I could not have possibly being any more excited about this. I love Dyson and have been the proud owner of a Dyson Animal DC08 for many years now.

One of the Dyson engineers talked us through how the AM06 worked and the background on how this latest machine was developed. It’s amazing to think that £40m was invested into the creation of Dyson’s latest bladeless fans when I’m sat here with a beautiful AM06 blowing lovely cool air across my room on another hot and sticky summer night.

The clever part, how the AM06 works:

1) Air is drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor.

2) It is accelerated through an annular aperture, passing over an airfoil-shaped ramp, which draws in further air and channels its direction.

3) As the air accelerates through the loop amplifier surrounding air is also drawn in. This creates and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow.

4) This is a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines.


The not so clever part; what I love about the AM06:

1) How it looks; the AM06 is so sleek and stylish, we received it in black/nickel and it compliments any room in the house.

2) How easy it is to clean and how hygienic it is. I am known for being a bit of a clean freak so the bladeless fan is perfect for me as there are no funny little grooves for dust to collect in. This is why more and more hospitals are starting to use them too.

3) The lack of noise, it really is an incredibly quiet fan, even when it is on the highest speed setting. The speeds range from 1 to 10. The Dyson engineers have also designed a bespoke Helmholtz cavity into the base of the machine to improve the tonal quality of the noise that does come from the machine, which stops any irritating noises.

4) I love that the AM06 comes with a remote control, it’s magnetic so it will stick to the top of the fan which is good because the remote is quite small and could easily be lost (in our house anyway!). The remote control is my favourite feature of all.

5) The timer is another great feature, you can set the timer to turn the fan off, the timer goes up to nine hours which is perfect if you fall asleep, which considering how quiet the AM06 is, isn’t a difficult thing to do!

6) The AM06 also has two options, one to be set in a fixed position and the other to be rotating around the room.

7) I love how safe a bladeless fan is in the home, especially around a curious toddler.

8) Whilst we are on the subject of toddlers, the AM06 has gone through some merciless testing from the Dyson test team to check the durability, strength and endurance of the machines.

9) I absolutely love how the shape of the AM06 makes the cool air feel cooler than the rest of the room, the machine doesn’t actually adjust the temperature of the air flowing through it, and it just gives the illusion that the air is cooler.

10) Finally I find the round shape of the fan means that the air flows evenly around the room so it doesn’t really matter how high or low you place the machine in your room you will feel the cool air.

We have had great fun over the past month trying out the AM06, it has been located upstairs in our bedroom most of time, the hottest and stuffiest room in the house at this time of year and it is safe to say the machine has been worth its weight in gold, we absolutely love it! The machine is really easy to move around in your home too as it is very light weighing 3.3 kg (approximately).

The AM06 is priced from £219.99 and that includes a two year parts and labour guarantee. I cannot express enough how much the AM06 is worth every penny. I would recommend a Dyson Cool fan to anyone, they really are fantastic and their stylish design means they will look good in any home.

You can find out more about the Dyson Cool range on their website here. You can also follow Dyson on Facebook or follow @Dyson for the latest technology news.

Disclaimer: I was given the Dyson Cool bladeless AM06 fan for the purposes of this review. All opinions and thoughts were independently formed by myself and members of the Mummy Whiskers household.

Family Fever

McArthurGlen York Summer Visit

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Yesterday I visited the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in York with my Mum and G; we were invited by McArthurGlen and Mumsnet to enjoy events and special promotions in conjunction with Heart Radio.

On arrival we found parking really easy, the normal parking spaces are really generously sized so I didn’t bother looking for a parent and child space but there are plenty available around each of the entrances along with lots of disabled parking spaces too.

Firstly we went to the manager’s office to met Amy Watkinson the advertising and promotions manager; Amy talked us through the layout of the centre and everything that we needed to know, gave us a £100 gift card to spend, a VIP discount card, a store guide and a token for G to hire a McArthur car. Amy was lovely and incredibly helpful throughout the day, so if you are reading this Amy thank you very much for making us feel so welcome!

We spent the next hour walking around the centre, getting an idea of which stores we wanted to visit and checking out the facilities. G needed a nappy change to start with so we headed in the toilet direction.

Firstly I was thrilled to see that nappy changing facilities were available in both the men’s and women’s toilets, this is something that always bothers me when out so I was really pleased to see the centre was very considerate towards the dads out shopping too!

Obviously we visited the Ladies loos but I was really impressed with the cleanliness, the facilities are regularly checked and cleaned. In the entrance before you reach the toilets there is a two-seater sofa which is handy if you need to sit down and sort out your bags or pushchair; or even if you want to breastfeed privately. The changing table is in a small lockable room along with a toilet, sink and mini child toilet and sink. The room also includes a chair and is spacious enough to fit two pushchairs in which is handy if you are out shopping with the kids on your own and don’t want to lose sight of them. Although seating is available for breastfeeding privately the centre is breastfeeding friendly so you are welcome to breastfeed anywhere in the centre.

There are also two lifts in the centre; both are located by the escalators so it is easy to move between the two floors with pushchairs or wheelchairs etc. Also at the information desk you can hire wheel chairs, shop mobility scooters and McArthur Cars for children.

We also visited our first store of the day, the Hamleys Outlet; G was incredibly excited with this shop as they had lots of toys on display for children to try out and he had a great time playing while I picked up some fantastic bargains to put away for Christmas. We found the staff to be incredibly helpful and they kept my shopping at the till so that I could have my hands free to look at more toys. They even brought the giant Paddington bear out of the shop window so we could have a photograph with him!

We then went to meet Amy for lunch at Pizza Express, it’s not somewhere I would have thought of going for lunch whilst having G with me but I was pleasantly surprised by how family friendly Pizza Express is. G was really happy playing with the stickers, chef hat, colouring pencils and pictures that were set out at our reserved table. The children’s menu is fantastic and G thoroughly enjoyed all three courses. The waiters / waitresses were so friendly and thoughtful, it really does make a difference to a family meal out and the food was absolutely gorgeous. As most of you know I am doing the Weight Watchers diet at the moment and I managed to enjoy two courses whilst only using sixteen of my available daily ProPoints. Result!

The eating area upstairs has recently been revamped and has a great selection of restaurants where you can sit together as a family and enjoy a lovely meal. If however you have a family who each want something different to eat there is an open seating area and a good selection of fast food counters available so that you can all eat what you like but still sit and eat together. Downstairs you will find a variety of coffee shops and cafes spread out in between shops if you need a break.

After lunch I met the other blogger who was at the McArthurGlen York Outlet that day, Karen from Monkey-Feet. It was really lovely to meet Karen and it’s just a shame we didn’t have more time to chat.

Next we were back on the shopping mission. Surprisingly enough shopping with G was pretty easy in the centre. Recently we have been trying to shop without him as he gets bored but in this centre there are lots of rides and candy machines spread out to keep the children happy.  The centre is very light, fresh and clean with a glass roof which makes it feel very spacious. The stores are laid out so that you can easily walk around them with a pushchair and there is a great variety of shops available from designer to high street, there really is something for everyone here. We found staff throughout the centre and the shops to be very friendly and helpful and the centre has a very relaxed atmosphere.

We took G to Clarks to have his feet measured, the McArthurGlen York have some fantastic deals available at the moment whilst their Back to School Early Bird event is running until 31st August 2014.

We then met with the lovely people from Heart Radio and talked to them about our experience of the day through their Vox Pops. Then we went for a coffee and a chat to Prêt with Amy, who very kindly gave me a goody bag to bring home containing two lovely bags, a beautiful silk scarf, some delightful samples and vouchers for the Body Shop, two lovely perfume samples and a keyring.

We also hired a McArthur Car for G to ride around in, he loves driving so really enjoyed this and when he had had enough he got out and helped me to push the car around a few shops.

Finally after all this shopping we decided to take G outside to visit the outdoor play area, this play area really is fantastic. There is a giant roof cover over the play area so children can safely play out in the rain or if the sun is out. The play area is kept clean and tidy and is surrounded by lots of benches so parents of older children can sit down and relax while their children play. Each section of the play area is labelled with a small sign which indicates what age range the activity is suitable for and there are a row of picnic benches for families who may want to sit outside to eat.

Here is a little video we filmed in the outdoor play area.

The McArthurGlen centres have fun events for families during all of the school holidays and I am actually planning to take G back there for the Christmas events in particular after hearing about the events from Amy. I have to say that yesterday was the most relaxing and enjoyable shopping trip I have taken in a very long time and I wouldn’t hesitate to take G shopping with me again to the McArthurGlen in York.

You can find out more about the McArthurGlen Designer Outlets by visiting their main website or by following them on Twitter @McArthurGlenUK or on Facebook at McArthurGlen Group. You can also see further information about the McArthurGlen centre in York on their website or follow the York McArthurGlen on Facebook.

You can also check out other reviews on Mumsnet and find Heart Radio here.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.

Week Two of Weight Watchers

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Week two hasn’t gone quite so well, in fact it’s been pretty disastrous. I have gained one and a half pounds! I think I tried to be too clever and mix Filling and Healthy Days with ProPoints days and it was just too much to keep track of. When will I learn that I need to keep it simple in terms of weight loss?

There have been quite a few positives this week though, for one I managed to do a little exercise every day! I found drinking two litres of water a day pretty easy, two cups of black tea and the rest was water in bottles which I carried around with me everywhere. On the down side however I am convinced I have been retaining water this week as I feel swollen and bloated, unless I simply sweated it all out in this ridiculous heat which is likely!

I was a little naughty this week and after nineteen years of been a vegetarian I lost my battle to resist KFC. I only ate half a chicken breast piece so it wasn’t tragic and I’m sure that didn’t cause my 1.5 lb weight gain this week. I don’t think the barbecue for Big Brother’s birthday helped, or the delicious chocolate birthday cake (I only know it was delicious from what he told me) not! The night out for Big brother’s birthday at Jongleurs probably didn’t help, neither did the Guinness drinking. Oh dear when I write it all out it’s quite bad really! Oops!

Again I was too busy last week to create much in the kitchen but I am in the process of making some zero ProPoints ice creams and sorbets so watch out for a post about those later this week!

My plans for the week ahead:

~ Well obviously more exercise, lots more walking and fresh air.

~ Keep up the water drinking marathon.

~ Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

~ Cut down on the crisps. I’ve managed to cut down on my chocolate fix and finds ways around it, I now need to do the same with crisps.

~ Prepare foods to take out with me; I am a nightmare for buying something quick to eat while I’m out and it’s always something that can easily be eaten with one hand whilst been dragged by a toddler harness with the other hand so I need to be better prepared.

I purchased a Weight Watcher’s oil sprayer in this week’s meeting because you put your own oil in it so that way you know there are no nasties in it, just pure healthy oil.

I am rather impressed with myself that I did this week’s Sainsbury’s shop online and ordered a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. This stopped me from falling into the junk food trap which is so tempting when you have a toddler wrestling to climb out of the trolley while you’re trying to check the shopping list and ProPoints values as you chase up and down the aisles! Although I did forget the eggs and I really need to bake so I may have to brave the shops tomorrow morning after all…

Goal for next week to lost 2 lb, can this be achieved? I hope so, fingers and toes crossed people!

Super Busy Mum