Skip Hop Zoo Owl

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I am so relieved that the days of carrying a changing bag around that would exceed the weight allowance for a suitcase at the airport are over for us. G is now a toddler, almost 3 and I have learnt that I don’t need to take every single item of G’s with me when we leave the house, because there are shops around of course! These days I am able to take a smaller handbag for myself and G enjoys carrying his own backpack, which makes life a lot easier. G loves his backpacks, especially brightly Read more [...]


Wish List of Books

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We have e readers in the house but I can’t give up my good old fashioned books, I like to feel a book, there is more enjoyment in reading a proper book than an e reader in my opinion and I insist that G doesn’t have an e reader for a long time yet. At 3 years old I prefer to limit his technology time and can’t bring myself to take his reading experience to the technology level. One of our favourite shops as a family has always been The Works, we love to go in store for a walk around and we Read more [...]


Glitterbelle The Sparkliest Princess Ever!

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Glitterbelle The Sparkliest Princess Ever! Written by Rachael Duckett & Harriet Muncaster.   G has always loved pink and sparkly things, he is very much a typical little boy but he still loves a bit of sparkle! So he was very excited with the January book that arrived as part of the Parragon Book Buddies Club; Glitterbelle the Sparkliest Princess Ever! Glitterbelle is a modern day princess who likes to climb trees and is an adventure seeker. In this book she doesn’t like to Read more [...]


January Degustabox

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January is the month when we all feel motivated to start a fresh and be healthy; we set our selves goals to lose weight, get fit, cut out the junk and eat better. So Degustabox decided to help with this by making the January Degustabox a healthy box.   Alfa One Rice Oil RRP £2.00 I’ve never used rice oil before, it is said to be very healthy and versatile oil, suitable for anything, including baking! We have only tried it as cooking oil so far, but we are very impressed and will Read more [...]


Retro Sweets

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We all like sweets don’t we, so there is nothing better than receiving a lovely sweet parcel in the post. You can send sweets for any occasion, or just to cheer someone up or let them know that you are thinking of them. You can even order sweets for yourself as a treat, who is there to say otherwise?! I personally love retro sweets, sweets from my childhood and I find these always make a perfect gift for S and I love to receive them myself too. Sometimes though you want something that looks that Read more [...]